Depending on the drive-train system (electric vs. hydraulic, automatic vs. manual, etc.), the electrical system can be a critical component of a tractor. In the past, our team has broken the electrical systems into four major groups: the drive-train circuit, the starter circuit, the safety circuit, and the display. The goal for the electrical section is to have all systems (drive-train control system, battery location, wiring harness, etc.) ready in conjunction with other important systems such as the drive-train, frame, and steering.


Communication is key. Electrical and Mechanical engineers don’t always know what each other is doing. A certain amount of background information may be necessary to understand the other side. In addition, the slightest mistake may cause big problems later–killing the engine for example–and a lot of times when something goes wrong, it is not always easy to diagnose an electrical problem (especially if the system is complex!).

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The electrical section works closely with the drive-train, frame, and steering sections in order to achieve their goals.

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