Western-Table-Chair-CBT607For a project of this magnitude, a careful amount of planning is required; the council exists to serve this requirement. Usually, the more senior members are elected (or given power by graduating members) each spring for the next year’s team.

The current council consists of seven individuals who have shown great dedication to this team in the past years.

Team Captain

The Team Captain is the face of the team. He/she represents the tractor team in all its glory as well as its failures. In addition, the team captain is usually one of the most experienced and knowledgeable persons on the team–making them a good leader to point the team in the right direction. A great deal of respect should be given to this brave individual.


The Sponsorship Chair deals with a lot of the behind the scenes public relations and sponsorships. He/she does their very best to promote the tractor through social media, events, advertisements, etc. Projects like these cost money, and money usually comes from sponsors.

The Treasurer monitors project funds. He/she makes sure we don’t go overboard with spending sponsorship money and then having none leftover for other important items.

Design Chair

The Design Chair monitors all designs for the tractor. The Design Chair is usually experienced and knowledgeable of the tractor and all of its components. Along with the Captain and the Treasurer, he/she makes sure a design is within reason. All designs must go through the Design Chair, the Captain, and the Treasurer before they are finalized.

Vice Design Chair

The Vice Design Chair is the apprentice to the Design Chair. He/she is a personal assistant to the Design Chair and is a prospect for future Design Chair.


The Vice Captain is the apprentice to the Team Captain. He/she is a personal assistant to the Team Captain and is a prospect for future Team Captain.

Administrator Officer

The Administrative Assistant plays a large role with all technical documentation for the team and the tractor. He/She also has a round about knowledge about the team and tractor. They will also be managing the teams website.



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