Samantha “Sam” Symons

Team Captain

Sponsorship Chair


Years on the Team: 4

Faculty & Department: Biosystems Engineering

Team Nickname:

Interests and Hobbies:


Former Roles: Vice-Captain, Sponsorship Chair

Best UMATT moment or memory:

Interview with Sam

Why did you join the tractor team?

That’s a good question, umm, still working on that!

What is your favorite tractor moment so far this year?

These are tough questions, the recycling bin, actually, learning to weld, that went really well and I’d have to say I’m getting pretty good.

What has been the hardest part about tractor for you?

Trying to work with tractor boys and learning what a tractor is.

What do you think of the name “Penelope”? — Unique!

Have you ever driven a tractor before? — (laughs) No, not even close.

What have you been working on this year for tractor?

Frame components, I made the tow hook and the step bracket.

Do you plan to overthrow the current established tractor team?

Clearly me and “VICKY”are taking over!

If so, how and when?

Not at liberty to discuss this information with anyone.

What interests do you have outside of tractor? — Hockey and hanging out.

Have you learned to fill your car up with gas yet?

No, I have yet to even visit a gas station. That’s what my dad is for.

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