Matthew “Matt” Stephens



Years on the Team: 5

Faculty & Department: Mechanical Engineering

Team Nickname: Honey Pawwwwwwws

Interests and Hobbies: Energy Drinks, NHL Hitz 2002, Tractors, Cows

Quote: “I am strong. I am invincible. I am a ginger…”

Former Roles: Steering & Brakes Section Leader, Drive-Train Leader, Team Captain, Mechanical Section Head

Best UMATT moment or memory:

Interview with Matt

So let’s start off with the easy questions today. First, why did you join the tractor team?

The real reason I joined the team was because Mike invited me to a meeting. Turns out tractors were kinda my thing, so I decided to stay on with it all year.

Now, your “title” last year on the team was the Brakes and Steering Section Leader… but I had originally heard that you technically were not in charge. Could you explain to me who your boss actually was?

There are no real words that are good enough to describe this guy… But in my opinion, I had no boss. I was kinda the lone wolf of the team. I did my own thing whenever I wanted. Totally was the rebel of the team.

So this year are you actually the leader of the section? Or are you just faking it again and being a “Lone Wolf”?

Well this year I am in fact the leader of the Steering and Brakes, however I am the only person in that section so I am still a lone wolf on the team.

Alright let’s move onto a different topic. What has been the best moment, in your opinion, of being on the tractor team?

The best moment for me was the one pull where we got somewhere around 230 feet, since I was the one driving the tractor. I also kinda liked the part where the rear axle fell off in the test pull because it was pretty funny.

On the opposite side, what was the worst part? And what was the hardest thing to deal with?

The worst part was… ummmmmm… I’d have to say that it was the electrical system breaking a few hours before we left. It was a bit of a downer, but we pulled through it anyways and it turned out well. As for the hardest thing to deal with, well that would have to be you. Or Mike. One of the two.

We are going to switch over to a little bit of word association here for a bit. Just tell me the first thing that comes into your mind for each of the things I’m about to say…

Penelope — Tractor

Yellow — School Bus

Interesting that you said that, because the next word is School Bus — *Laughing* Car Crashes

Alright, next word… Sunshine – All I can think about is how bad the nickname is, and how much it sucks that it stuck.

TweedleEasy, Sam and Victoria

Last one… Uncle Louie — NHL Hitz 2002

Ok, well this is going to be our last question for you Matt. Here it is. Would you say that living with such a luscious mane of vibrant red hair makes your life any more difficult?

I’d have to say that living with red hair is not actually a disability at all. It just depends on the people I am with… Some of them call me Gingy and Sunshine… But most just see me for the person I am on the inside, not the color on the outside. 

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