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MacDon-4C-HI-RESDescription: MacDon Industires Ltd. (formally Killbery Industries Ltd.) is a world leader in the technology, innovation and manufacturing of high quality, high performance harvesting equipment originating from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Connection to UMATT: MacDon is a returning platinum sponsor and a strong supporter of UMATT–joining back in early 2013. MacDon continues to see the value of being part of the University of Manitoba’s tractor team. The leadership and technical skills acquired through the tractor team can be directly transferred to those found in industry. With such close ties, it’s no wonder that several members go on to find careers at MacDon.

Contributions: Cash, fabricating much of the tractor, industry advice (2013-2016)

Website: http://www.macdon.com/



EndowmentDescription: The Engineering Endowment Fund (EEF) is a monetary organization with funds provided by staff, student tuition fees, and generous alumni donations. The fund is split up according to where the committee sees it can best benefit the faculty.

Connection to UMATT: The EEF has supported UMATT since our beginning and we are excited to showcase what the University of Manitoba has to offer.

Contributions: Cash for shop upgrades, tools, competition & travel fees, fabrication costs, and other miscellaneous items (2014-2016)

Websites: http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/engineering/, http://endowment.eng.umanitoba.ca/background/




Faculty of AgricultureDescription: Similar to the EEF, the Agriculture Endowment Fund (AEF) is another monetary organization connected to the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.

Connection to UMATT: Similar to the EEF, the AEF has been a strong supporter of this team. We are especially excited about this partnership as it is outside of our regular engineering connections.

Contributions: Cash for shop upgrades, tools, competition & travel fees, fabrication costs, and other miscellaneous items (2014-2016)

Website: http://umanitoba.ca/afs/



green_yellow_vert_logoDescription: Deere & Company (John Deere), is an American corporation that needs no introduction. They are world leaders in the manufacturing of agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery, diesel engines, drivetrains used in heavy equipment, and lawn care equipment. They also support the ASABE International 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition which is one of the primary reasons this team exists.

Connection to UMATT: A small group from John Deere Canada (Western Distribution Centre) recently showed interest in our team and even paid us a visit in February 2015. We are very excited in the partnership with John Deere Canada with their extensive resources and all around expertise.

Contributions: Cash for shop upgrades, tools,etc. (2015-2016), presentation on precision agriculture (2015)

Website: http://www.deere.ca/en_CA/regional_home.page




Extreme_Machine_LogoDescription: Extreme Machine Corporation is a Winnipeg based high quality machine shop with outstanding experience in metal fabricating, welding, and prototyping.

Connection to UMATT: Extreme Machine has supported UMATT for a couple of years in fabrication.

Contributions: Machined CVT shafts (2016), Machined brake rotors & attended design review (2015)

Website: http://www.extrememachinecorp.com/



standardaero_logoDescription: StandardAero is one of the world’s largest aerospace maintenance, repair, and overhaul providers.

Connection to UMATT: StandardAero is a new supporter of UMATT this year.

Contributions: Welded aluminum parts for us at no cost (2016)

Website: http://www.standardaero.com/



Wallin_LogoDescription: Wallin Industries is a large capacity machine shop and custom manufacturing facility located in Winnipeg, Manitoba that specialize in repairing, rebuilding and manufacturing of a wide range of industrial components and equipment.

Connection to UMATT: Wallin has supported UMATT for a couple of years in fabrication.

Contributions: Fabricated quality parts for us at a discounted price (2015)

Website: http://wallinindustries.com/


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