The Main Events

Performance Events (900 pts.)

Maneuverability Event (100 pts.)

  • This event is held to encourage the consideration for maneuverability in the design of the tractor. The team with the lowest overall course demarcations will be awarded the a maximum 100 pts.
  • This course will not be shown to the team until the start of the event. This is to evaluate the maneuverability of the tractor, not to train operators to run the course.
  • The time limit is 8 mins, one point will be awarded for each 1.5 second exceeding 5 minutes.
  • There is only one attempt per school during this event
  • The use of spotters will not be allowed
  • The course will be outlined with stands, a golf ball will be placed on top of each stand. The tractor must drive through the course and knock off each ball before leaving the course
  • The driver must remain on the tractor at all times
  • Disqualification may occur if the tractor fully leaves the course, driver receives assistance from anyone outside the course (verbal or likewise), if any fluids leak on the course, any parts fall from the tractor including ballast.

Tractor Pull (600 pts.)

  • The tractor pull event is made of a multi-stage pull using a progressive sled. Points will be awarded by the number of feet the sled is pulled by the tractor. Each team will be allowed one scored pull in three separate heats, with each of the 3 pulls being worth 200 points.
  • The team with the highest overall tractor pull distance will be awarded the full 200 points. The overall tractor pull score is the sum of the points of all 3 pulls for a maximum of 600 pts.

Durability Event (200 pts.) 

  • Purpose of event is to encourage teams to focus their teams design on off road environments and machine reliability. The team with the fastest course completion within the allowed time will be awarder the maximum 200 pts.
  • This event will be conducted on an oval course consisting of bumps and loose sand. The bumps are no taller than 2.5 inches and the sand is about 8 inches deep.
  • Teams will be required to tow a 1500 lbs. cart behind them throughout the entire course.
  • The time limit for this event is 12 minutes or after the completion of 8 laps.
  • There is only one attempt per school, and the use of spotters is not allowed.
  • The driver must stay on the tractor seat and within the course at all times.
  • There is a speed limit of 4 mph, any team caught speeding will be penalized.


(Competition information is based on the 2017 Competition Rules and Handbook)

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