Report and Static Events

Electronic Report (500 pts.) 

All teams are required to have a report, with a maximum of 25 pages. The report will consist of the team’s design, fabrication process, testing and development. 

Design Report (380 pts.)

  • Design Criteria and Objectives (5 pts.)
  • Format (15 pts.)
  • Design Details (250 pts.)
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis on Electrical Interlock System (20 pts.)
  • Testing and Development (70 pts.)
  • Judges Discretion (20 pts.)

Design Log (20 pts.)

Each team will be required to submit a design log which includes the design concepts and development.

Cost Estimate Report (100 pts.)

  • Cost strategy (50 pts.)
  • Cost analysis (50 pts.)

Team Presentation (500 pts.)

Each team will be given a maximum of 15 mins (Including time for questions) to present the development and advantages of their machine to a judges. After the 15 min presentation there will be a brief discussion period where the judges (mostly professional engineers) will provide their feedback. The points breakdown into several smaller sections:

Design Concept (125 pts.)

  •  who are the target customers
  •  what does the customer want
  •  Overview of the Design
  • Technical Creativity

Readiness for Market (125 pts.)

  • Design Verification (100 pts.)
  • Risk Assessment (15 pts.)
  • Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (10 pts.)

User Safety (50 pts.)

  • Safety Features
  • Product Liability

Product Cost (75 pts.)

  • Cost Breakdown
  • Manufacturing Strategy

Team Organization (15 pts.)

  • Process Development

Question and Answer (45 pts.)

Judge’s Discretion (15 pts.)

  • points maybe be gained for exceptional efforts and other miscellaneous categories

Design Judging (420 pts.)

Design Judging will be taken place with the Technical Inspections.  It is broken up into two separate sections Panel Judging and Sound Judging.

Panel Judging (350 pts.)

This is the interactive portion of the competition where teams present their designs to a panel of judges. Judges will often ask question and or provide future improvements for the team’s next year model. Judges will be reviewing the following attributes.

  • Manufacturability = 70 pts.
  •  Serviceability = 70 pts.
  •  Ergonomics = 70 pts.
  •  Safety = 70 pts.
  •  Test and Development = 70 pts.
  •  A maximum of 3 team members will be allowed to participate in the Design Judging presentations. Other team members will be required to be seated along side and cannot participate in the presentation.

Note: A single sided page reference sheet, including a picture of the tractor will be allowed during this portion of the competition. (not marked) 

Sound Judging (70 pts.)

Points will be awarded for sound level based on the dB(A) level recorded during the team’s first attempt. The team with the lowest value below the maximum 91 dB(A) will be rewarded the full 70 pts. The other teams will be awarded points on a scale from 91 dB(A) to the lowest value. No points will be gained if you do not pass the sound technical inspection on the first attempt.

(Competition information is based on the 2017 Competition Rules and Handbook)

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