Tiny Tractor Monthly -October

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October Events

On October 18, we held our second SolidWorks tutorial for sheet metal parts. We had one of our UMATT alumni come in and facilitate the tutorial. A big thank you to Eric for sharing his knowledge and being part of our SolidWorks training.

This past week on October 19th, the UMATT team participated in the Friends of Engineering Reception event. We got the opportunity to network with industry while showing them our last years tractor. A thank you goes out Friends of Engineering for inviting us.


MacDon Visit

Today we visited MacDon Industries, one of our biggest sponsors of the team. It was nice to see some of the UMATT alumni come out and see our 2016-2017 tractor. A big thank you goes out to MacDon for all their support throughout the years.

And so it begins!

This week we held our safety orientation as well as our SOLIDWORKS tutorial for all our new and returning members. Stayed tuned for more exciting team updates in the near future!


2017 Team Recruitment

Thank you all for coming out to our 2017 team recruitment today. We had a lot of new faces in the room, which was great to see! If you were not able to make it tonight, come our to our first team meeting on Sept 20th at 6pm at the shop. We hope to see you there!

This year the UMATT team will also be on Snapchat:

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Competition Results – 2017


  • Overall: 9th
  • Written Design Report: 8th
  • Team Presentation: 13th
  • Design Judging: 11th
  • Tractor Pull: 11th
  • Durability: tied for 10th
  • Maneuverability: tied for 13th

We earned 1799 out of a possible 2320 points this year.

Fun Fact: We also placed 9th overall in both the 2015 and 2016 ASABE Competition.

Note that these are the preliminary results, so they may be subject to change if the competition organizers missed anything.


2017 Competition Day 5

The 2017 ASABE 1/4 scale tractor competition has come to end and the UMATT team has a lot to be proud of. It’s been a full week of non stop fun and learning. We were able find problems with our tractor and by working together solved them.

As we begin our 16 hour trip back home to Winnipeg we are taking the time to reflect what we learned as a team. Not only are we reflecting on this past year we are already thinking of how we can improve our design for next year.

Please check out our YouTube channel for more videos from the 2017 competition. More photos will be upload soon.

Lastly a huge thank you to all of our sponsors this year.

2017 Competition Day 4

After a long night yesterday putting the tractor back together we decided to go to McDonald’s for breakfast as a reward. From there we rushed over to the expo gardens to get in line for practice pulls. During our practice pulls we went 140 ft for both 1500lbs and 1000lbs weight classes. The driver could tell that something wasn’t right with the belt. So we open it up and found out that our belt was a little too big which caused it to start slipping in third gear. This causes a huge lost during the pulls. Some teammates went around asking other teams if they had a extra belt. While others went out to buy a new smaller belt. The team had just less than an hour to get all of this done. We worked together and distributed the work and got it done.

On our first pull of the 1000 lbs class we made it 192.49ft and 141.15ft in the 1500lbs. We decided to make a few adjustments to ensure we are not losing power in unwanted places.

One of the possible issues we think could be an issue is the fuel pump being too small for our application. So we quickly moved the fuel tank closer to the engine without breaking any of the competition rules and went for our last pull as it was all or nothing at this point.

Our last pull we did 170.4ft which is a huge improvement from the first pull. Then we packed up the trailer and got ready for the banquet and awards dinner at 6pm.


2017 Competition Day 3

Started off the day early again at 7:45am to get the tractor ready for maneuverability and durability today. The maneuverability course was much harder this year with all the tight turns. We were able to finish the course with hitting 2/3 red balls and a few yellow balls.

The durability track went well for us. We had a bit a trouble in the sand however our fantastic driver dough us out the the sand and make it through. We make it through the first lap alright. Then when for the second lap the same thing happened with the sand. We started shooting sand all over the place. But again our fantastic driver got us out. It wasn’t until the bumps where we made a turn a little early and just touched white line (out of bounds) and ended our run.

P17 made it back to the trailer with no broken parts which is a great accomplish.

We also had our presentation at the Caterpillar this afternoon. This is where we formally present our tractor P17 to the 10 judges. The presenters did an awesome job as the judges where very impressed with our presentation. They also gave us some suggestions to make our presentation even better for next year.

Tomorrow is the pulling event which is our last event of the this years competition. This is worth a total of 600 points which is a huge part of all the points. We had an issue with our linear actuator after the durability event today. The linear actuator would lock up and stop moving if the the voltage is not constantly applied. We went back to the hotel and took apart the linear actuator completely and figures out a way to fix the problem with the code instead of messing with the linear actuator. We worked until 11:30pm getting the tractor back together and ready for the pulls tomorrow.

check out or youTube channel for the maneuverability and durability events. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCvEIFEoFRkgAtLVu0LoLIw

Stay tuned for the last day of competition tomorrow!

2017 Competition Day 2

Today was a super busy day for the team starting off going early back to the tech inspection barn to get our stickers we missed the day before. We just need to show that we fixed the two problems, with the wheelie bars and the fuel tank valve.

Next was the design judging where we get to sell our tractor to the design judges. The 5 group of judges walk around to each tractor and get to ask questions about our design from safety to serviceability.

Next we went for sound testing, we need to be below 95 dB and if we were lower than 91 dB we get points. We ended up getting 87 dB so we will be getting points for sure. The points are based on the 1st place winner for sound, as its a scaled system based on the winner.

To fully pass the tech inspection and get our yellow sticker we need to get a final weigh in to make sure we are still less than or equal to 800 lbs. Again we just made it at 800 lbs, and we even got to keep our extra features such as our head lights.


The durability and maneuverability Events are tomorrow and after scoping out the updated track this year. It’s going to an interesting event for us. As the bumps are about 5 inches tall and they are not placed very nicely. So we decided to give it a try on the test track and see P17 does. We learned that our front A arms needed to be stronger. While the mechanical team worked on that the electrical team worked on the software to try and make it more efficient for events tomorrow (shorter reboot time)

Tomorrow will be the durability and maneuverability Events along with the presentations.