2017 Competition Day 2

Today was a super busy day for the team starting off going early back to the tech inspection barn to get our stickers we missed the day before. We just need to show that we fixed the two problems, with the wheelie bars and the fuel tank valve.

Next was the design judging where we get to sell our tractor to the design judges. The 5 group of judges walk around to each tractor and get to ask questions about our design from safety to serviceability.

Next we went for sound testing, we need to be below 95 dB and if we were lower than 91 dB we get points. We ended up getting 87 dB so we will be getting points for sure. The points are based on the 1st place winner for sound, as its a scaled system based on the winner.

To fully pass the tech inspection and get our yellow sticker we need to get a final weigh in to make sure we are still less than or equal to 800 lbs. Again we just made it at 800 lbs, and we even got to keep our extra features such as our head lights.


The durability and maneuverability Events are tomorrow and after scoping out the updated track this year. It’s going to an interesting event for us. As the bumps are about 5 inches tall and they are not placed very nicely. So we decided to give it a try on the test track and see P17 does. We learned that our front A arms needed to be stronger. While the mechanical team worked on that the electrical team worked on the software to try and make it more efficient for events tomorrow (shorter reboot time)

Tomorrow will be the durability and maneuverability Events along with the presentations.




2017 Competition Day 1

Today we started off the day with putting on the decals on the tractor and any last minute touch ups before the initial weigh. You needed to be less than or equal to 800 lbs to get the 100 points

We scaled at 800lbs exactly so we just made it. After that we waited till 2pm for our first tech inspection. Tech inspection went well for the most part as we passed 3/5 possible stages today. After many hours of fixing the tractor such as the wheelie bars and fuel tank valve. We manged to fix what the judges wanted us to change, however the tech inspection barn was closed. So we will need to get in line early tomorrow so we can get the remaining 3 tech inspection stages complete.

Tomorrow we have our static events such as the design judging and team photo. Wish us luck!

Countdown to 2017 Competition (~10 hours)

All 8 of us UMATT team members including Dr. Petkau have safely arrived in Peoria Illinois. The van crew had to made a small detour to Thomson linear actuator to pick up a potentiometer for them to install. We also got a tour of the Thomson facility. Both the van and truck arrived at our hotel and we checked in around 9pm and are getting a quick bite to eat before our first day of competition tomorrow starting at 8am, starting with initial weigh in and tech inspection.

Its been a long day for all of us and its time to sleep. 🙂

Countdown to 2017 Competition (~30 hours)

We took our tractor (P17) out for a test drive tonight and it’s a good thing we did, as we were able to find some problems with the CVT. After taking apart half the tractor, we were able to adjust the CVT and fix the issue. 🙂 Now it’s 1:30 in the morning and we can finally finished packing before the van leaves at 3am.

Peoria here we come! More exciting updates to come.

Here’s a link to see P17 run on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCvEIFEoFRkgAtLVu0LoLIw



Countdown to 2017 Competition (~35 hours)

Tonight is our last night here in Winnipeg before we begin our 16 hour adventure to 2017 ASABE International 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition in Peoria, Illinois. In the past week we have fully disassembled the tractor, painted the tractor, and reassembled the tractor. Currently we are putting on the finishing touches on the tractor such as all the decals. Packing the trailer will begin shortly after we finish packing all of our tools and extra parts we may need. Stay tuned for more exciting team updates throughout the competition!

Team Update

With less than 3 weeks till competition, the tractor is coming along pretty well. The mechanical team has mounted the engine and got rolling chassis. The steering column is also in place now along with the new seat box. The electrical team has build one of the harnesses and is in the process of building the controls harness.

45 Days to Go!