May 29th – Last Minute Fixes

The team is improving the electric motors response, refining the exhaust guarding, determining the optimal ballast location, and mounting some finishing touches. The team will be packing and leaving around 5 am tomorrow morning.



Less than a week till competition!

There is just a few more minor parts that need to be installed onto the tractor. Painting of the entire tractor will happen this weekend. Stay tuned for finished painted tractor!

A little over 2 weeks till Competition!

With only 16 days till competition.

23 days to competition.

Now it’s all about putting it all together.

Shop Day Pictures

The build is coming along great so far. Stay tunned for more exciting updates like these!

Tiny Tractor Monthly – March

Check out the latest edition of Tiny Tractor Monthly here: tiny-tractors-monthly-march-2018

UMATT Team Photo (2017 – 2018)

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