Countdown to 2017 Competition (~30 hours)

We took our tractor (P17) out for a test drive tonight and it’s a good thing we did, as we were able to find some problems with the CVT. After taking apart half the tractor, we were able to adjust the CVT and fix the issue. ūüôā Now it’s 1:30 in the morning and we can finally finished packing before the van leaves at 3am.

Peoria here we come! More exciting updates to come.

Here’s a link to see P17 run on our YouTube¬†Channel:¬†



Countdown to 2017 Competition (~35 hours)

Tonight is our last night here in Winnipeg before we begin our 16 hour adventure to 2017 ASABE International 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition in Peoria, Illinois. In the past week we have fully disassembled the tractor, painted the tractor, and reassembled the tractor. Currently we are putting on the finishing touches on the tractor such as all the decals. Packing the trailer will begin shortly after we finish packing all of our tools and extra parts we may need. Stay tuned for more exciting team updates throughout the competition!

Team Update

With less than 3 weeks till competition, the tractor is coming along pretty well. The mechanical team has mounted the engine and got rolling chassis. The steering column is also in place now along with the new seat box. The electrical team has build one of the harnesses and is in the process of building the controls harness.

45 Days to Go!

Team Update

Both the Electrical and Mechanical teams have been busy with their work. The Electrical team has been working on developing test circuits and code for their Raspberry pi. While the Mechanical team has been working on the dyno. Which they have been successfully able to run and obtain data from.

Stay tuned for more exciting team updates!

Outreach Day

Today we did some quick presentations about what our team is all about for the high school outreach day. Thank you to all those who made it out.

January Team Update

Over the holiday break and the month of January the team has been able to to get a lot of design work complete. With only four months until competition the team is working hard to get all the parts in so the build can happen as soon as possible.   A lot of testing has been done such as CVT Spring force testing, Shock testing, and Seat box testing. These smaller test being done are very important as they can prevent future issues during the build. The team has transformed some of their old tractor frame into a dynamometer to help with future testing. This will allow for a safer and more accurate testing plan.

A big thank you to MacDon for conducting our design review earlier this month. As a team we learned a lot and truly appreciate your time. Until parts arrive our team will continue testing (Electrical and Mechanical testing) to help prevent issues arising in the future. Please stay tuned for more exciting team updates!

Image of seat box testing and Dynamometer.