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September Update

These past couple of weeks we have been busy with requirement and general tractor design. It was a great turnout at requirement event. We saw lots of new faces in the crowd.

We did a Solidworks tutorial for our new members last week which was a huge success.

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future! Shop training and tractor design is on the horizon.




Tiny Tractor Monthly June (Competition)

Check out the latest edition of Tiny Tractor Monthly here: tiny-tractors-monthly-compeption-edition-2018

Competition Results – 2018


  • Overall: 4th
  • Written Design Report: 3rd
  • Team Presentation: 3th
  • Design Judging: 10th
  • Tractor Pull: 6th
  • Durability: 2nd
  • Maneuverability: 11th

We earned 1989 out of a possible 2320 points this year.

Note that these are the preliminary results, so they may be subject to change if the competition organizers missed anything.

June 3rd 2018

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The team woke up early this morning to prepare the tractor for the pulls. Our first two practice pulls were underwhelming and rattling! We were not losing power but we were spinning out. Thanks to some help from McGill, we got better tires and ended up scoring about 500/600 points for the pulls. We stuck around afterwards to help McGill make it to the pulls. They got to get in two practice pulls and the Canadian teams got together to chear them on. After the last of the events, we went back to have a meeting and review what we want to change for next year or have learned from this year. The meeting ran right up until the banquet started. After a few speeches we went through the awards ceremony. We all knew we would break our 9th place, three year streak, but we didn’t know we would do this well! The team got fourth and won third in both the presentation award and the written report award!


June 2nd 2018

We did great in durability this year. With 15 laps through the course, we just narrowly survived. The gossip around the fairgrounds seems to be that we are in second. This cost us a generator belt and a long trip to Chicago for replacements. While some of the crew was off for parts, the rest of us prepared the tractor and went to do the presentation. The judges were blown away with our design. The comments from the judges were (with very little paraphrasing) “ you guys really nailed this report, what an awesome tractor you guys built, and where can I buy one”.  Once we got back from presentations, we took some time to celebrate our victories and nominated McGill for the sportsmanship award. They have had nothing but grit (even though they have not finished tech in or any events) and they have been working non stop and in shifts to try and at least make one pull.

While waiting for parts, we saw quite a few teams who shredded their transmissions or front ends during durability. The change to the rules hit many high scoring teams hard. However, after some electrical fine tuning, we pulled some trucks around the lot. We are ready to give it all we got tomorrow and finally break our three year 9th place trend.

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June 1st 2018

The team started first thing this morning to finish our sound test. We expect to have done well in this event. The objectives were then to prepare the tractor for a pull at 12:30 and design judging at 2:00. Maneuverability started out very strong but we had some difficulties in the last maneuver. Design judging went much better than expected. The team used several images and reports this year to fortify our appearance to the judges. After judging the team regrouped, helped McGill, got some pork fry, and waited in the heat for Swag.

To prepare for durability, the team also rewelded our suspension and refined the electrical system. The work kept us On the fair grounds till well after 1:00 am and we are still needing to tweak our performance for Sunday’s pulls.

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May 31st 2018

The team assessed the damage this morning. The front suspension failed by buckling. We had to remake many of the components before weigh in at 12:30. There were also some electrical failure due to loose connections. After several hours of refining the program we made it with 3 minutes to spare. We passed at 896 pounds and scrambled to meet tech inspection at 1:30. Unfortunately, the control system wasn’t up and running efficiently till later in the afternoon. However, we passed 2.5 of the inspection stations. Many of the problems were fixed in the evening in anticipation for the second tech inspection at 8 am. We even had time to get some extra pull data and help out the new McGill team. Tomorrow, a lot of work is needed to prepare ourselves for design judging, and finishing technical inspection.

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May 30th 2018 – Trip to Illinois

The team made it to Peoria with good time (5am-8:30pm). The drive down was productive: We had the chance to polish up the GSL and maneuverability mode program, reviewed our control system and practice the presentation. Unfortunately, P18 suffered some mechanical issues during transit. We have another earlier morning ahead of us.

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May 29th – Last Minute Fixes

The team is improving the electric motors response, refining the exhaust guarding, determining the optimal ballast location, and mounting some finishing touches. The team will be packing and leaving around 5 am tomorrow morning.


Less than a week till competition!

There is just a few more minor parts that need to be installed onto the tractor. Painting of the entire tractor will happen this weekend. Stay tuned for finished painted tractor!