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Sunday Shop Day (20/03/16)

Alex, AA

Sunday Shop Day – RIP Penelope 15

Today we dissected Penelope 15 (RIP) so we can reuse the transaxle. We also started working on the seat box for this year’s tractor.

Alex, AA

Sunday Shop Day – Engine Testing

Today we were doing engine testing. We also started breaking in our new engine and continued with wiring the electrical controls.

Alex, AA

Shop Days in October?

Alex, AA

May Shop Days – Week 5

Sunday: Rebuilding the tractor post-painting.

Monday: Decals & Throttle.

Tuesday: Preparation & Packing.

Competition is a day away; the trailer is packed, the drivers are sleeping, and Matt & Ray are working on presentations. It’s looking promising for UMATT this year. Be sure to check back for the results of the competition.

Alex, AA

May Shop Days – Week 4

Sunday: Back to the old hitch.

Monday: Test drive & weigh in.

Tuesday: More testing (

Wednesday: “New” hitch.

Thursday: <pictures unavailable at this time>

Friday: Polos & decals.

Saturday: Paint.


Alex, AA

May Shop Days – Week 3

Sunday: Steering & brakes reunion. Also, thanks for the pizza Jason!

Monday: More steering & brakes.

Tuesday: The first drive (

Wednesday: Throttle & decals–we need decal space!

Thursday: Breaking down the tractor.

Friday: Applying the finishing touches.

Saturday: A continuation of the previous day.


Only 12 days to go! Hopefully it stops raining soon so we can paint!

Alex, AA

May Shop Days – Week 2

Sunday: A rare Parker sighting. Plus some surprise guests!


Monday: Beep beep beep…

Tuesday: Quiet day.

Wednesday: <pictures unavailable at this time>

Thursday: Another surprise guest visit.

Friday: The part is in!

Saturday: The tractor is on all fours! Also, thank you Stephens family for the delicious surprise dinner!


It’s been a busy week at UMATT. But there’s still some work left to do. In other news, we might be driving the tractor tomorrow!–or rather, later today since it’s 2:30 a.m. You don’t want to miss it!

Alex, AA

May Shop Days – Week 1








Alex, AA

Exams are finished, Summer term has begun!

With only 5 weeks left until competition, UMATT has kicked it into high gear in order to meet the competition goal. Things are looking bright this year but there is still a lot of work to be done.


Alex, AA