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An eventful day

This morning we received our laser cut & bent parts from MacDon. Special thanks to MacDon for taking the time to produce these quality parts for us free of charge. Later in the day, we received our electrical parts for the control system. We should be able to test the system soon–very exciting! Finally, in the evening, we helped promote engineering at the Evening of Excellence event.

Alex, AA

Hitch Courtesy of MacDon Industries

Our new (modified) hitch parts came in and we welded her up good. FYI: It sat hot for about 2 hours before finally cooling down–Do Not Touch! Special thanks to MacDon for making these hitch parts, the original hitch parts, and many many other parts!

Old Hitch


New Hitch


Alex. AA

Brake Rotors Courtesy of Extreme Machine

We picked up our new brake rotors today and made sure they line up with our wheel hubs (not shown in picture)–they do! Special thanks to our friends at Extreme Machine for making this happen.


Alex, AA