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62 days left until competition

March Update

The tractor is nearly complete and reports are well underway. With the strange weather we’ve been having this year, we might be able to drive outside sooner than ever before!

Alex, AA

We’re not dead–just busy.


Alex, AA

December Update

There was a lot of work done over the exam period–not all of it captured on camera. Thanks to everyone who came out during exams to help make this possible.

Alex, AA

This is just the beginning…

Today we began shop/safety training and SolidWorks tutorials for our new and returning members.

Alex, AA

Preliminary Meeting

Alex, AA

Tiny Tractors — June Edition

Tiny Tractors Header

The last installment of TTM for the 2014-2015 year is now available!

We will likely return sometime next fall.

Alex, AA