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Precision Agriculture by John Deere

Today we had visitors from John Deere give a presentation on Precision Agriculture and where the agriculture industry may be heading in terms of technology. The precision and accuracy that these large industrial machines have is astounding! The technology that goes into these machines and systems are comparable to the technologies developed by companies like Apple and Google. It is very possible that young engineers like ourselves will be working towards advancing these technologies in the next 5 or 10 years. Special thanks to John Deere for taking the time to present and informing us of the future opportunities in the agricultural industry.

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Video Presentations for Competition?

Stumbled upon these cool MacDon product overview videos. Maybe we could shoot a video like this for presentations… no? Have a look:

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Technology in Agriculture

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Name that Bison!

This guy needs a name. Any suggestions?

Umatt Bison

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This is Cool!

Check out this company from Fargo, North Dakota.

Do we even need a driver anymore?