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Countdown to 2017 Competition (~35 hours)

Tonight is our last night here in Winnipeg before we begin our 16 hour adventure to 2017 ASABE International 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition in Peoria, Illinois. In the past week we have fully disassembled the tractor, painted the tractor, and reassembled the tractor. Currently we are putting on the finishing touches on the tractor such as all the decals. Packing the trailer will begin shortly after we finish packing all of our tools and extra parts we may need. Stay tuned for more exciting team updates throughout the competition!

Countdown to 2016 Competition (~36 hours)

It’s the last night in Winnipeg before the 2016 ASABE International 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition in Peoria, Illinois. In the last week we finished painting, put the tractor back together and added a few final touches. Currently we are packing the trailer with spare items and tools we may need should something go wrong. At 5:30 am we will leave Winnipeg and start our 16 hour journey to Peoria. Stay tuned for daily competition updates!

Alex, AA

Countdown to 2016 Competition (1 week)

It’s the final countdown… 1 week (8 days) left until competition! In the past week, Penelope 16 (not Gertrude) got a new makeover. In the next couple of days she will be put back together, serviced, and tested before we lock her up in the trailer for 16+ hours.

Alex, AA

Countdown to 2016 Competition (2 weeks)

Only 2 weeks left until competition. In the past week, we’ve finished the ballast system, we’ve almost finished the electrical systems, we’ve continued writing for presentations and design judging, and numerous tests have been performed. In the next week, you can expect Penelope 16 (not Gertrude) to get a new makeover. Not to say that she needs one; I think she looks fine just the way she is!


Alex, AA

Countdown to 2016 Competition (3 weeks)

3 weeks left until competition. We got our new belt last Friday so we put most of the tractor back together Monday and were able to drive it once more. There’s still a few minor things left to do before competition including but not limited to replacing hard to reach nuts with weld nuts, finish the wiring, and paint.


Alex, AA

Countdown to 2016 Competition (4 weeks)

4 weeks left until competition. We’re applying the finishing touches and should have everything together by next week. Here’s a few pictures of what we’ve done this past week:


Alex, AA

Countdown to 2016 Competition (5 weeks)

That’s right, there’s only 5 weeks left until competition! 5 weeks left to add the finishing touches to Gertrude/Penelope 16. We’ve already seen her drive–the ultimate test will be if she pulls. Stay tuned to find out! An update will be posted at least every Tuesday night until the drive down which happens Wednesday morning, June 1st.

Alex, AA

2 Months To Go

With only two months to go, you’re going to see a lot more of these (late night shop time).

Alex, AA

30 Days To Go……..

Sunday, Funday at the UMATT HQ, all the sections were out and hard at work.  Had an awesome pulled pork sandwich lunch courtesy of Val Whettell, a big thanks to her and the continued support from family, friends and significant others, without you guys we couldn’t be here working all day trying to achieve our goals.  Check out the pictures of today’s work.

DSC_3259 DSC_3260 DSC_3261 DSC_3262

31 Days!

It’s Saturday morning here at the UMATT HQ and we are exactly one month away from the competition!  Exams are done, reports are submitted, and the month of May is just around the corner, basically it is the best time of the year, BUILD TIME.

The parts are in, the laser cutting has been burned and the lathes are spinning.  Sanding, grinding, and welding can be heard from every corner of our shop.

For the next 31 days we will need to build and assemble the latest iteration of the storied Penelope name.  Check back everyday for pictures, updates, and other exciting going ons from the UMATT team.


Tyler, the Captain

IMG_20130426_115948 IMG_20130425_161051