June 3rd 2018

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The team woke up early this morning to prepare the tractor for the pulls. Our first two practice pulls were underwhelming and rattling! We were not losing power but we were spinning out. Thanks to some help from McGill, we got better tires and ended up scoring about 500/600 points for the pulls. We stuck around afterwards to help McGill make it to the pulls. They got to get in two practice pulls and the Canadian teams got together to chear them on. After the last of the events, we went back to have a meeting and review what we want to change for next year or have learned from this year. The meeting ran right up until the banquet started. After a few speeches we went through the awards ceremony. We all knew we would break our 9th place, three year streak, but we didn’t know we would do this well! The team got fourth and won third in both the presentation award and the written report award!


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