June 2nd 2018

We did great in durability this year. With 15 laps through the course, we just narrowly survived. The gossip around the fairgrounds seems to be that we are in second. This cost us a generator belt and a long trip to Chicago for replacements. While some of the crew was off for parts, the rest of us prepared the tractor and went to do the presentation. The judges were blown away with our design. The comments from the judges were (with very little paraphrasing) “ you guys really nailed this report, what an awesome tractor you guys built, and where can I buy one”.  Once we got back from presentations, we took some time to celebrate our victories and nominated McGill for the sportsmanship award. They have had nothing but grit (even though they have not finished tech in or any events) and they have been working non stop and in shifts to try and at least make one pull.

While waiting for parts, we saw quite a few teams who shredded their transmissions or front ends during durability. The change to the rules hit many high scoring teams hard. However, after some electrical fine tuning, we pulled some trucks around the lot. We are ready to give it all we got tomorrow and finally break our three year 9th place trend.

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