2017 Competition Day 4

After a long night yesterday putting the tractor back together we decided to go to McDonald’s for breakfast as a reward. From there we rushed over to the expo gardens to get in line for practice pulls. During our practice pulls we went 140 ft for both 1500lbs and 1000lbs weight classes. The driver could tell that something wasn’t right with the belt. So we open it up and found out that our belt was a little too big which caused it to start slipping in third gear. This causes a huge lost during the pulls. Some teammates went around asking other teams if they had a extra belt. While others went out to buy a new smaller belt. The team had just less than an hour to get all of this done. We worked together and distributed the work and got it done.

On our first pull of the 1000 lbs class we made it 192.49ft and 141.15ft in the 1500lbs. We decided to make a few adjustments to ensure we are not losing power in unwanted places.

One of the possible issues we think could be an issue is the fuel pump being too small for our application. So we quickly moved the fuel tank closer to the engine without breaking any of the competition rules and went for our last pull as it was all or nothing at this point.

Our last pull we did 170.4ft which is a huge improvement from the first pull. Then we packed up the trailer and got ready for the banquet and awards dinner at 6pm.


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