2017 Competition Day 3

Started off the day early again at 7:45am to get the tractor ready for maneuverability and durability today. The maneuverability course was much harder this year with all the tight turns. We were able to finish the course with hitting 2/3 red balls and a few yellow balls.

The durability track went well for us. We had a bit a trouble in the sand however our fantastic driver dough us out the the sand and make it through. We make it through the first lap alright. Then when for the second lap the same thing happened with the sand. We started shooting sand all over the place. But again our fantastic driver got us out. It wasn’t until the bumps where we made a turn a little early and just touched white line (out of bounds) and ended our run.

P17 made it back to the trailer with no broken parts which is a great accomplish.

We also had our presentation at the Caterpillar this afternoon. This is where we formally present our tractor P17 to the 10 judges. The presenters did an awesome job as the judges where very impressed with our presentation. They also gave us some suggestions to make our presentation even better for next year.

Tomorrow is the pulling event which is our last event of the this years competition. This is worth a total of 600 points which is a huge part of all the points. We had an issue with our linear actuator after the durability event today. The linear actuator would lock up and stop moving if the the voltage is not constantly applied. We went back to the hotel and took apart the linear actuator completely and figures out a way to fix the problem with the code instead of messing with the linear actuator. We worked until 11:30pm getting the tractor back together and ready for the pulls tomorrow.

check out or youTube channel for the maneuverability and durability events. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCvEIFEoFRkgAtLVu0LoLIw

Stay tuned for the last day of competition tomorrow!

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