2017 Competition Day 2

Today was a super busy day for the team starting off going early back to the tech inspection barn to get our stickers we missed the day before. We just need to show that we fixed the two problems, with the wheelie bars and the fuel tank valve.

Next was the design judging where we get to sell our tractor to the design judges. The 5 group of judges walk around to each tractor and get to ask questions about our design from safety to serviceability.

Next we went for sound testing, we need to be below 95 dB and if we were lower than 91 dB we get points. We ended up getting 87 dB so we will be getting points for sure. The points are based on the 1st place winner for sound, as its a scaled system based on the winner.

To fully pass the tech inspection and get our yellow sticker we need to get a final weigh in to make sure we are still less than or equal to 800 lbs. Again we just made it at 800 lbs, and we even got to keep our extra features such as our head lights.


The durability and maneuverability Events are tomorrow and after scoping out the updated track this year. It’s going to an interesting event for us. As the bumps are about 5 inches tall and they are not placed very nicely. So we decided to give it a try on the test track and see P17 does. We learned that our front A arms needed to be stronger. While the mechanical team worked on that the electrical team worked on the software to try and make it more efficient for events tomorrow (shorter reboot time)

Tomorrow will be the durability and maneuverability Events along with the presentations.



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