Competition 2016 – Design Judging

Today was productive for UMATT. We quickly patched up the problems from yesterday’s technical inspection and passed teching before lunch. After completing teching, we watched some X team pulls. Later, at 3:00 pm, we went through design judging. First we talked to the Ergonomics judges, second was Testing & Development, third was Safety–they really liked the Bruce-linkage, fourth was Serviceability, fifth was Manufacturability. Overall we did well in showing off Penelope 16’s fine features. After design judging, we took our team photo. Then we watched some practice durability runs. At 6:00 pm we took a large group photo and at 6:30 pm we packed up our camp and went to the pork fry. Tomorrow we have our presentations at 8:40 am, some practice pulls during the day and the main pulling events in the evening around 5:30 pm.

Alex, AA

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