Competition 2016 – Technical Inspections

It was a rough day for UMATT today. We left the hotel at around 7:45 am to set up our camp at the fairgrounds and put on the required competition decals. Sign-in and initial weigh-in was at 12:30 pm and our tech. slot was at 4:30 pm. At the initial weigh-in, the scale showed our tractor to be 794 lbs. After weighing our tractor, we heard an unusual noise from our drive-train; the CVT was scraping our guard and so we adjusted the position of the CVT to prevent further damage. We then noticed a leak in our brake system. After many attempts at closing up leaks, we managed to stop all leaks before teching and pass the brake test–a video of the brake test will be available on the website at a later time. During Technig, a number of small problems were found with the tractor; the temperature at the top of the exhaust, a non-standard bolt in our steering, a problem with the fender gussets being a little too close to the tires, an non-robust throttle cable, and fragile looking wheelie bars. Throughout the rest of the day, we were able to tackle these problems one by one. However, we did not complete the tasks before the teching barn closed (6:00 pm). But worry not! We still have another chance tomorrow. With that said, tomorrow we will finish up teching and present in the design judging event.

Alex, AA

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