Competition 2016 – The Trip to Peoria

We departed from rainy Winnipeg around 5:15 am. After a 16 hour long journey through Manitoba, North Dakota, Minnesota, and getting off track in Iowa, we arrived in Peoria, Illinois at around 9:00 pm–sound familiar? At around 9:10 pm, we checked into the Econo Lodge which we had made reservations. After that, we had a brief dinner before bed at some local restaurants. Finally, small squadron of members went to pick up Bruce from the airport. With the addition of one more member will be joining us tomorrow evening, our team will be assembled and ready for competition. The plan for tomorrow is to be at the fairgrounds by 8:00 am and prepare for sign-in and technical inspections which are required before we can compete in the performance events. Friday is sound teching, design judging, group photo, and pork fry; Saturday will have presentations in the morning and pulls in the evening;  Sunday is the maneuverability, durability, and banquet; and Monday is the return home. That’s all for now; check back again later for other possible updates (internet connection pending).

Alex, AA

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