Competition 2015 – Update 4

Day 5 & 6 (May 31 & June 1):

Sunday was the last day of competition; the day of the highly anticipated durability event. We were the 3rd team scheduled to pull which made the odds ever out of our favour since the event only allowed 1 pull per team. This gives the opportunity for other teams to learn about the track conditions/pull strategies from the previous teams.

All pulls started off with the bump track, followed up with the sand pit. First few runs went really fast with very common runs; people successfully traveled through the bump track and then got stuck in the sand. We were also able to make it through the bump track but the sand was too loose for our tractor. And so we did not make a single lap. Later in the event, the sand was packed down and tractors suddenly were able to perform in the event–there were some controversies revolving around the packing of the sand and other teams not given consistent sand conditions. Overall, the durability pulls finished early (at around 1:00 pm).

Later in the day (around 6:00 pm), the competition awards banquet started. We didn’t win any awards. But, the food was good, and the presentation by the CAT representative was interesting–perhaps we can use some of those ideas for next year. After the banquet, some of the teams had their usual team photos and we also had an all Canadian group photo. After that, we had our usual competition debriefing and handed out the competition shirts to our members. It was a good year overall. But there’s always room for improvement–the UMATT 2015-2016 year begins today.

Competition Results: 2015_A_Team_Score_Spreadsheet_Prelim

Summary of Results: Overall we placed 14th out of 28 teams (+10 ranks from last year), we scored lower in written reports and presentations than last year, we placed 10th, 11th, and 12th in pulls, and we tied with 16 teams for last in durability.

Some positives to take away from this competition:

+ Penelope 15 still drives!

+ we made it home safely and without incident!

+ we climbed ranks rather than declined!

Alex, AA

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