Competition 2015 – Update 3

Day 4 (May 30): Today was the day of presentations. For UMATT, presentations began around 9:30 am. We had originally intended to have two presenters but one of the primary presenters fell ill, so, our team captain stood alone. Overall, he did a very well to present the features of our tractor–and he finished right on time! At the end we received some constructive criticism as well as positive feedback from the panel of judges.

After presentations, we went back to hotel to change into work clothes and head to the fairgrounds. We ballasted the tractor up to 1000 lbs. with Scott and did three test pulls:

  1. Ballasts in front with cut tires pulled a little over 80 feet
  2. Ballasts in rear with cut tires pulled more than 130 feet
  3. Ballasts in rear with uncut tires pulled around 100 feet

The pulls themselves began around 5:30 pm and ended around 9:45 pm. There were three pulls per team (with some teams having to re-pull or forfeit a pull) Overall, we performed above average with scores of around 180 (1000 lbs), 160 (1500 lbs), and 145 (1500 lbs). Also important, the tractor survived pulls! With that said, our tractor should be in good physical form for durability tomorrow morning.

Since the pulls lasted so long we went back to hotel late and ordered pizza. The pizza took over an hour to be prepared and delivered so some of us played Jenga and watched baseball highlights while waiting.

Alex, AA

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