Competition 2015 – Update 1

It is mid day of May 29, 2015. I have successfully gained access to the internet at our hotel Embassy Suites East Peoria. A lot has happened since we left off last Wednesday. I will attempt to update the events as we go.

Day 1 (May 27):

We departed from Winnipeg around 5:30 am. After a 16 hour long journey through Manitoba, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa, we arrived in Peoria Illinois at around 9:30 pm. We checked into Embassy Suites East Peoria at around 10:00 pm. To our surprise, there was a Steak ‘n Shake right next to the hotel!

Day 2 (May 28):

We left the hotel by 8 am in order to get a head start for teching. When we got to the grounds, we setup tractor for some initial tests including speed, rpm, starter circuit (interlocks), engine kill, and some others. At around 12:30 we got our first 100 points for driving onto the scale, weighing, and driving off–a good start! Unfortunately, we missed “1st time through” due to a 3/8 in. gap in the guarding, a slight discrepancy with the hitch height (off by half an inch), and for not installing the GSL interlock switch. The irony is that we had already thought about these issues back home but believed they weren’t a big deal–lesson for future teams: take small details seriously! Fortunately, we were able make the adjustments to barely pass the first day of teching. Sound teching was held the next morning.

That’s all for now.  Keep an eye out, Day 3 (today) is ongoing and may be updated as early as tonight!

Alex, AA

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