UMATT x The Tallman Foundation x. AssentWorks!!!

Hey everyone,

UMATT is proud to announce the unique partnership with AssentWorks and the Tallman Foundation for the coming 2012 build season.  UMATT members will now have access to use the facilities provided by AssentWorks at their current downtown location. The Tallman Foundation has generously sponsored memberships for team members looking to learn and build using a variety of equipment setup at AssentWorks beta build shop.   For those unfamiliar with AssentWorks, it is a non-profit, first of its kind in Manitoba, prototype build shop where like minded people can work to build anything the imagination can come up with.

Through our new partnership with AssentWorks and the Tallman Foundation members from this years tractor team will learn to use a variety of equipment not readily available to us, as well as producing quality parts and pieces for this years tractor.

We look forward to getting into the shop and starting to build new ideas and parts.

We would like to give special thanks to team member Patricia Fabros for connecting UMATT with the Tallman Foundation without her this would not be possible.

Follow the links below to reach both Princess Auto and AssentWorks websites:


Tyler, the Captain

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