2 Up, 2 Down

UMATT 2011 with Penelope 2.0 by UMATT
UMATT 2011 with Penelope 2.0 a photo by UMATT on Flickr.

Hey everyone,

Day 3 has come and gone and Penelope 2.0 performed amazingly.

In the AM our team presented Penelope to a panel of industry professionals. Myra, Stuart, and Calvin did an amazing job getting all the great things about Penelope across to the judges. We are extremely happy with how it went.

We next got ready for the pulls. The first two pulls would consist of a straight chain and an angled chain each at a weight of a 1000 lbs.

In the first pull we were able to secure a distance of 238.99 ft, good enough for second place!!!!! In the second pull we achieved a distance of 190.86 putting us in 5th position.

We are extremely happy with how Penelope is performing and are looking forward to the final two pulls today.

Wish us luck!

Oh and Check out the new photos and there will be more to come later today as well.


Vice – Captain

One thought on “2 Up, 2 Down

  1. Abdel Osman June 5, 2011 at 1:08 pm Reply

    You are doing a great job.. GOOD LUCK… Abdel

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