We are off the Races…….!

More like we are off to the Pulls!

Hey everyone just checking in from Amarillo, Texas where I have been traveling for work.

For those of you who are familiar with UMATT the team has started the full day trip down to Peoria, Illinois. The trip will take the team through N. Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and finally Illinois. The team should be arriving sometime this night and will get ready for activities starting with tractor registration tomorrow morning.

Look for updates throughout the rest of the week and the weekend. You can check our twitter feed and find out how Penelope 2.0 is fairing against her competition. Also check out the pictures of the last week of the build (you can almost see the crazy coming out of Jared’s eyes).

Once again we would like to thank all of our sponsors, friends, family and significant others(who have been ignored so that we could finish Penelope) that helped us along the way.

Though its too late this year, we are always looking for help, whether it be new members, sponsors or just support. We will be taking a small break over the summer after which we will be starting up UMATT 2012. Check the website for dates and times of next years first meeting. If anyone is looking for more information feel free to contact myself, Tyler, as I will be Team Captain next year.

I can be reached at tvaughnwhettell@gmail.com.


Tyler Whettell
UMATT Vice-Captain

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