Practice Makes Perfect

IMG_0562 by UMATT
IMG_0562 a photo by UMATT on Flickr.

Hey everyone, has now been launched and we hope everyone continues to stop in, we plan to keep a steady stream of updates coming as well as pictures and videos

Look at the updated sponsor page to see who has been making UMATT possible. We want to give our sponsors a shout out and thank them for their continued support.

Some noteworthy news:

Frame has been sent out for laser cutting and bending and we are hoping to see that back in our shop in the near future.

We are finishing up work on our transmission and other drive-train components.

Body and Fenders has made some really headway with construction on molds and parts.

As well everyone is pulling together to really make this years tractor experience fun and enjoyable.

Look for more updates as we will continue to keep everything up to date and show off some of the progress we have made.

Tyler Whettell
UMATT Vice-Captain

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