New Website!!!

What’s going on,

We have moved our website over to WordPress for easier updates so that we can keep everyone better updated with the progress of this year’s tractor (yet to be named).  Our goal is to keep a steady stream of updates for everyone including sponsors, family, and friends.  Feel free to comment on the site and give us some feedback.  Our goal is to get the UMATT name our there so that the team can continue to grow its member base in coming years.

Currently we have  86 days till competition, the push is on.  For those unfamiliar with UMATT, feel free to check out both the About and the Purpose sections to get to know us better. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or you can contact either Annette Kroeker or myself, Tyler Whettell (emails can be found on The Team page).


Vice-Captain UMATT 2010/2011

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